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869 East 4500 South

Salt Lake City, UT  84107

updated 11/3/2019

The 'Book Online' page is for guests who already have been invited to an event and need lodging accommodations.  Please be aware we do offer single vacations as a traditional travel agency, but Artistry Travel is not a traditional travel agency.  We help artists find accommodations for their venue, go on tour, and be a part of an Art or Music Festival.  

The rate you see advertised on this page, shows the average rate in many areas that Artistry Travel llc can negotiate for you.  Please keep in mind, rates are always subject to change. So if you are part of a film, t.v. series, art festival, music festival and you get an invite with a date to book by; we recommend to try to do so because the hotels can only hold the rate for a certain amount of time before that rate is gone forever.

Sometimes, you may luck out and get a better rate then what was originally offered to you, but when we say luck.  It means that is a very rare occurrence, and it's no fun sleeping in your car or trailer right?

Artistry Travel and their agents work very hard to help the artists out with the best rate, date, and more.  If you have any questions; please email our customer service department at:  CustomerService@ArtistryTravel.com  or check our F.A.Q's and Press Release page.

Also this page is for members only, there is not a fee to be a member.  You actually get a 15% off coupon that is good for 12 months from the date of receipt that you can use towards a booking of 4 or more rooms on your lodging.  The four rooms do not need to be at the same hotel.   To become a member, click on 'Discount Offer' on the right side of this page.

Are you an artist trying to get your work out to be seen, sold, and admired?  We help by coordinating 

travel, tours, and events for any of your needs.  

Are you an Art Show or Art Festival looking for the best city?   

We provide statistical and logistical information for what spot will be perfect for holding your event.

We work to contract at site locations for the lowest possible cost.  

We find the lowest transportation cost.

We also help out for music and entertainment tours!

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The 15%  off for membership sign up Special*  

Artistry Travel llc, will provide information of  open applications for festivals and events that artists can apply for via your registered email address.  You will also receive periodical newsletters in regards to artists showcase, concert, and events.   Our social media accounts will list some casting calls for free too.


To get this offer, click on the "Discount Offer found on our home page screen or to the right of your  screen.

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note:  if you do not receive your 15% off coupon after signing up on our "Contact Us" screen with in 24 hours; please reach out to our customer service department.

* discount code cannot apply to negotiated discounted rates for events, meetings, or festivals.  

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^15% off coupon can be used for sleeping rooms (Minimum of 4 rooms).

*Valid for 1 year from the time received.  Will expire at 11:59pm - 365 days from date of membership sign up.

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