Photo of Jerilyn Toro (Rue Day) during a performance for the Catholic Church / Summer Festival in West Valley City Utah U.S.A.

Jerilyn's Bio:  Jerilyn is the Owner / Manager of Artistry Travel llc

She has helped plan many conventions, meetings, and events.  Starting her performance career early when she was signed on (contracted with the NBA) at 10 years old.  


She fell in love with the audience, sports, events, and performing arts.  She has dedicated her schooling, career to helping to plan art events.  Some of the art events she has helped with:  Denver Arts Festival, Thunderbird Artists (i.e. Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival), and more.   

She has performed in many different art festivals, such as:  Helper Arts Festival, Salt Lake Arts Festival, and various independent Film and Art shows.  

With over 25 years experience in planning events, tours, and meetings; we look forward in connecting with you and your work.

Artistry Travel is no longer working with American Express Meeting and Events as a way to procure or negotiate sleeping rooms.  Effective date:  October 23rd, 2019.   What does this mean for our artists?  Longer time negotiating contracts; however, it provides more independent structure to find the right property to relax and get ready before your show.  If you have additional questions; please reach out to our owner/manager:  Jerilyn Toro at    Thank you:  Message dated:  November 3rd, 2019

What is the benefit of being a website member of Artistry Travel?

Well my friends, you get more casting calls delivered to your email, art festival calls delivered to your email too, and there is more benefits.                                                                           
Plus, you even get a 15% off coupon for your first group booking! *                                                                                  
 Did you also know that Artistry Travel is affiliated with Delta Vacations?  That means we can book your air, hotel, car, and more while going on tour; however, we can assist with Private and/or Charted jets.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Did you know we are a certified meeting and event planning company for artists?  We also help our musicians find and book tours.                                                                                    
Artistry Travel continues to grow and thrive as an independent tour / event planning company.  We are working to open an online store at our website:

This will work as an online consignment so that you can resell your costumes.   


Don't forget!   
We do not charge our artists to find casting calls right now.  There are many membership based companies that require a membership fee.  Artistry Travel may move to that one day but we are offering this too you for free; plus an extra 15% off your first travel booking.

*15% off coupon expires 1 year from receipt.  Must book 4 or more sleeping rooms with Artistry Travel's must include air and/or car with sleeping rooms that is included with your first booking. (under construction)


Jerilyn has a new email address it is:

Please reach out to RUE DAY on Facebook for any needs for your events, tours, and arts.  

You can also email our current customer service email at until our email exchange service is resolved by our third party vendor.  We apologize for this inconvenience.  We are checking this email account on a regular basis until this issue is resolved.

Our team will send requests for sleeping rooms (i.e. hotel, Airbnb, sleeping room rate negotiations) at no charge.  We work very hard not to charge you, the artists with membership fees, and other fees.  To do this, we ask the venue location to include a commission rate or finder fee to help you save money, and we work to get the best Performance Salary/Pay to you as the artist and/or group (performing artist). 


You can usually find free casting calls on RUE DAY's FaceBook account, or our FB page titled Artistry Travel.  We also have a group founded on Facebook named:  Artistry Travel.  It is an open forum to help artist connect with other artists.   


 Artistry Travel thanks you.

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Thank you from Artistry Travel. You can also click on the website above to link to their website address. If there are any errors, concerns, questions; please email our current customer service email address at   


Artistry Travel will enter a PR once the customer service email error has been resolved. Again our apologies for the inconvenience.   

Updated 11/3/2019

Look at all of the wonderful affiliates that Artistry Travel is with:

July 2019

Artistry Travel Has moved please update your address information to the following address:

Artistry Travel llc

Client Services:  

869 East 4500 South; Slc UT 84107

April 22, 2016

Press Release ~ Theater Ticket Sales

Applause and Drum Roll please:  Artistry Travel is now a proud participant in the ticket sales of Broadway Theatre.  London, UK : ,  Las Vegas, NV  : , New York City, NY : , Anyone?! 

April 23, 2016

Long awaited press release of Artistry Travel LLC full logo.  


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May 3, 2016


Current Zika Virus ~ Update


Link to current updates with CDC regarding Zika Virus, recommended clothing, & insect repellent



July 18th, 2016

Artistry Travel is now affiliated with American Express Meetings & Events

What does this mean for the artists?  

Only, more, more, more!!   That means, less money to spend out of pocket, more events and festivals available

More time with your friends and family

More freedom to go where you want to go, whenever you want to go.

Be sure to check back next month, Artistry Travel will be releasing a membership option for artists to sign up and receive requests for events who are looking for you, and when the application is due.  In the meantime, take a look at our monthly featured event.  If this is someplace you are interested in going too, send us a quick email at or give our office a call:  (801) 908-0211.  Live chat is also available.

OUR INSTANT CHAT PROGRAM IS DOWN.  We apologies for the inconvenience and we hope to have it up and running shortly. 

Message date:  November 3rd, 2019